Adrian Galysh - Earth Tones
Released: 2008

I played bass on the track "Planetary Cycles" for this instrumental release.

Track Listing:

1. Contacts
2. Earth Tones <>
3. Terrestrial Races <>
4. True Happiness
5. Defiance, Ohio
6. Planetary Cycles
7. Ave Mario No Morro
8. Interstellar Cafe
9. Vocalise

Written, Arranged and Produced by Adrian Galysh.

Adrian Galysh: Electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and programming.
Joey Heredia: Drums
Marco Mendoza: Bass guitar
Carl Verheyen: 2nd guitar on "Terrestrial Races".
Chuck Wright: Bass on "Planetary Cycles"
Glen Sobel: Drums on "Planetary Cycles"
Maureen Baker Okuye: Piano on "Defiance, Ohio" and "Vocalise"
Jeff Gross: Percussion on "Interstellar Cafe"

Mixed by: Jeff Gross at 144 Studios
Mastered by: Vinnie Simonette

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