Arsyn - Degeneration

Produced by: Lanny Cordola, Pat Regan and Chuck Wright
Engineered by: Pat Regan
Graphic Design and Illustration by: Chuck Wright

New metal, or old-school? Riverside, California band
Arsyn have done the usually impossible and combined
two decades of metal onto one collection of songs.
Immediately, vocalist Collin Whalen has the listener
thinking of Lemmy from Motvrhead, just not so English
and old. But the music is a good blend of Prong,
C.O.C., and White Zombie.

Look for the song "Kill Joy" on the motion picture
soundtrack for a movie titled "The Librarian,"
starring William Forsythe, Burt Reynolds, Erika
Eleniak, and Christopher Atkins.

1. Kill Joy
2. Blind Fury
3. Psycho Super Society
4. Knock Down Mr. Foolish
5. Hit The Ground
6. Will Be Gone
7. Exist And Die
8. Silent Scream
9. Succubus Blues
10. Kill Joy (Cenzo remix)
11. Blind Fury (Baldy remix)


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