Chaos is the Poetry - "Chaos is the Poetry"

"Another of my favorite records I was a part of. Very eclectic yet funky as hell at times. Once again playing with the awesome talent of drummer Gregg Bissonette made laying down the bass tracks a real pleasure . I also co wrote a majority of the material. I feel like a proud papa with this one".

Review: Chaos is the Poetry (1996 Alarma Records) This is an epic album! Bardowell, Cordola, and Wright are 'Chaos is the Poetry' (They used to be called 'Magdalen') The trio is joined by Gregg Bissonette, an awesome drummer, who together with Wright's bass provides such a solid groove you'll be dissatisfied with all lesser musicians afterward! Also appearing are Griffin, and Guerrero, adding their talents. Of special note is Chris Bleth's Sax work. It's real hard to classify this album because they seem to meld so many styles together in it. The best definition I can think of is: progressive rock with an alternative edge (I guess that would be Alt/Prog huh?). The musicianship rivals any I've ever heard, these guys can flat out play! If there's a downside to this album it's the lack of great guitar solos. It's not that Lanny plays bad, in fact his solos are memorable, but they're not as flashy and intense as on some of his past albums. I guess the best thing I can say about this album is that I just can't get tired of it. It seems like I hear something new every time I listen. What more can you ask for? Unfortunately, the record co. basically folded just as this album was released so it got zero promotion, and when KMG bought out Frontline, they apparently decided it was too late and didn't promote it either. So you'll probably have a hard time finding it, but believe me, it's worth huntin for! (by Shawn Perry)

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