David Glenn Eisley - "The Lost Tapes"

This is an unauthorized release of 9 songs * (24 track
demos) that I played bass on and co-wrote
with House Of Lords alumni Ken Mary, Lanny Cordola and
Gregg Giuffria by Frontiers Records and David Eisley.

"The Lost Tapes" is a look into the musical history of
singer/multi-instrumentalist David Glenn Eisley. For
those unfamiliar with Eisley's history, he first came
to widespread prominence as the golden throat of the
band Giuffria, the short-lived melodic rock project of
ex-Angel keyboard hero Gregg Giuffria. After that,
Eisley sang for pomp/arena-rock supergroup House Of
Lords (though he was replaced by James Christian
before their first album) and, later, guitar-driven
hard rockers Dirty White Boy.

These "Lost Tapes" are worthy, from-the-vaults demos
from these two post-Giuffria bands (nine tracks from
House Of Lords, four from Dirty White Boy). On many
levels, the bands had little in common: HOL's mainman
was the pomp pioneer Giuffria, while DWB's
instrumental center was the snarling hard rock guitar
hero Earl Slick. Nonetheless, their juxtaposition
works fine on "The Lost Tapes." The Lords' demos are
slightly rougher than their completed album tracks,
and the Boys' demos are amply melodic; this narrows
the stylistic gap between them, and Eisley's
wonderful, expressive singing is enough to unify the

Although not every song on "The Lost Tapes" is quite
as strong as those released on the HOL and DWB debuts,
all are solid, and most are superb. Indeed, the
consistently outstanding performances often recall and
recapture the bands' past magic, and praise doesn't
get much higher than that (particularly in the case of
HOL). This is an essential listen for many longtime
House Of Lords fans and an absolute treat for many
newcomers. It's just a shame we all had to wait so
long to hear it.


1. Stand Up *
2. Are You Ready *
3. Shot Down In Love *
4. Don't Turn Away From Love *
5. Slip Of The Tongue *
6. The Ballad *
7. Lay Down Your Love
8. Back Of My Hand
9. Boot Hill Blues
10. One Love
11. Jealous Heart *
12. Golden Town *
13. Pleasure Palace *


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