David Eisley - "Stranger From The Past"

David Glen Eisley has finished the recordings of his first solo album entitled "Stranger From The Past" which was mixed by PAT REGAN (Deep Purple, Stuart Smith) for the final mix.

The Return
Stranger From The Past
Can’t Call It Love
Sing Brother
Run, Run, Run
When It’s Over
Don’t Turn Away
Stranger In Love
Cant Wait Forever
Who You Tryin to Fool
Waiting On Heaven

The players are Craig Goldy (Dio, Giuffria), Chuck Wright (House of Lords, Quiet Riot, Giuffria), Ron Wikso (Foreigner), Eric Rigler (Titanic & Braveheart), Ricky Phillips (Bad English, Babys), Stephan Ellis (Survivor) the cd will be released in late 2000 in Europe, USA and Japan.


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