Giuffria - "Giuffria"

I got a call to meet Gregg Giuffria at his apartment in 1985. I knew of Gregg from his days with the glam rock mega group Angel. The band had inked a deal with Camel, M.C.A. and had almost finished the record but they really wanted to re-do the bass. They knew of my work with Quiet Riot and saw me playing at an L.A. club with my band at the time called "Exposure". Musically it was right up my alley and Gregg had David Glen Eisley singing his ass off and the amazing guitar wizardry of Craig Goldy (who later joined Dio) This CD garnered a top 15 single with the song "Call To Your Heart" and we did sold out arena tours with Deep Purple and Foreigner. We later went to Japan to headline. There's a live video of one of the shows floating around Japan. I was in the band for 11 months then I rejoined Quiet Riot. David Glen Eisley is still one of my best friends.



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