House of Lords - "House of Lords" (1998 RCA)

I put this band together with Gregg Giuffria after Gene Simmons, of KISS, told him of his new label through RCA. This album is one of my favorites.

House of Lords original lineup was: Lanny Cordolla, guitar - Chuck Wright, bass - Ken Mary, drums - James Christian, vocals and Greg Giuffria on keyboards. The first of 3 albums. This album is definitely in the style of the 'melodic rock of the eighties', but with the musically and talent of this band I feel we were far and away above from the gluttony of bands in this genre. There's definitely some Prog elements here. Lanny's guitar work is excellent- as always.

Note: This was Lanny's last album before embarking on a whole new musical journey which I was a part of later in our careers.


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