Mr. Big - "Influences And Connections"

This is a very unique project in which Mr. Big classic songs have been revisited featuring all star vocalists and guest musicians as well as Mr. Big band members. I played bass on the majority of the tracks. Billy Sheehan, Tim Bogert and Keeanu Reeves also do a track.

Track List

1. Mr. Big (Paul Rodgers)
2. Take Cover (King's X)
3. Colorado Bulldog (Joe Lynn Turner)
4. Wild World (John Waite)
5. Price You Gotta Pay (Glenn Hughes)
6. Promise Her The Moon (Ann Wilson)
7. Addicted To That Rush (Billy Sheehan)
8. Just Take My Heart (Mickey Thomas)
9. Shine (Dogstar)
10. Crawl Over Me (Pat Torpey)
11. To Be With You (Richie Kotzen)
12. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (Donnie Vie)
13. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (Joe Lynn Turner)
14. Alive And Kickin' (Bonus Track) (Glenn Hughes)

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A review by Spidey

Review: This is the first volume of the "Influences & Connections" from Frontier Records .. And it blows away any "tribute" c.d. I've ever heard.. mainly because these musicians were actually influenced by Mr.Big.. or were connected in one way or another, so the line-up is stellar! Everyone from Kings X, Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Donnie Vie, Yngwie Malmsteen, Matt Sorum, Marty Friedman, Chuck Wright and more surprising guests such as Ann Wilson, John Waite, and Keanu Reeves.. along with Mr.Big members Pat Torpey, Billy Sheehan, & Richie Kotzen.. put all those different styles together and you get a great mix of everything from bluesy guitar work to super fast noodling, and the vocal talent alone. Is worth the c.d... all in all, I wasn't the biggest Mr. Big fan, but after hearing these versions of the songs, makes me even more of a fan.. so check it out.. even if you didn't like them back in the day!

Favorite Tracks: There is so many different styles on here.. it's hard to pick one.. so like always, I'll pick a few.. John Waite does great on "Wild World" (and I'm not normally a big fan of his). Also cool to hear Billy Sheehan sing "Addicted to that Rush".. he has a great voice.. and now I'll have to check out his solo stuff.. this version reminds me of KISS "Domino" that's how deep Billy sounds.. great stuff! AND I love how Donnie Vie does "Green Tinted 60's Mind".. what an appropriate song for him, and they do it all trippy..

Least Favorite Track: First track "Mr.Big" just doesn't set a good tone for the rest of the c.d... almost makes me not want to listen to the rest..


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