Kevin Gales - I Didn't Count On This

Ken Mary called me in to do the bass for this release.
He was producing Kevin at his studio in Phoenix. It's
easy to fathom how Canadian artist Kevin Gales has
managed to share the stage with Lucinda Williams and
Bob Seeger. The imaginative, part sweet, part
aggressive collection of songs on I Didn't Count On
This is laced with beauty and wit, crowned by
falsetto-tinged vocal layers and expert guitar

1. If I Handed You A Flower
2. My Lousy Little Drum
3. This House
4. Someday
5. Anything Else But You
6. 65 Cents
7. How Do I Thank U
8. Right There
9. So Wrong
10. Why I Wasn't There
11. Stumble
12. I'll Give You More


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