Lanny Cordolla - "Salvation Medicine Show"

Lanny has a real talent for taking all sorts of instruments and blending them together and making it work! You hear dobros and trombones, mandolins and toy pianos (yea that's right!), and all sorts of exotic instruments (you just have to hear the ukelele solo on the song 'Salvation Medicine Show'!). There is some electric guitar. There's a block of songs in the middle of this album that have no drums (like a lot of Lanny's acoustic albums), and it kind of drags a bit there because of it. The songs are excellent though, very cerebral, even 'Dylanesque' (but not as wordy). Lanny has really blossomed as a songwriter. The lyrics speak of the stark and often desperate realities of life, with songs about suicide, child abuse, alcoholism and the like. There's even one about the lowest, most degrading fixture of human existence: The daytime TV talk show! Lanny does all the lead vocals, which is new for him (unlike his other solo albums, there's only a couple instrumentals on this one). His voice is raspy and unhoned, but it kind of grows on you (the artist who came immediately to mind was Tom Petty.)  I suspect Lanny will alienate some of his fans with this one, but I'm sure he will also gain new fans with it too. I like this album more and more on each listening.

Lanny Cordola - vocals, guitars, dobro, bouzouki, mandolin, balalaika, auto harp, triplate, banjo, ukulele, percussion, jaw harp, bell tree, hammered dulcimer
Gary Thomas Griffin - keyboards, accordion, bell lyre, piano, harmonium, toy piano, estey organ, melodica, calliope, drone, strings, mini moog, oberheim, mellotron, wurlitzer, percussion, orchestration
Chuck Wright - bass
Ernie Nunez - upright bass
Joel Hamilton - upright bass
Joel Taylor - drums
Tony Guerrero - trumpet, flugal horn
Tom Liston - trombone, tuba
Dave Pearlman - pedal steel guitar
Chris Bleth - clarinet

Produced by Lanny Cordola except (*) produced by Lanny Cordola and GaryThomas Griffin


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