Magdalen - "The Dirt" (1994 Intense Records)

A 6 song EP, mostly acoustic.

"Most of this CD was recorded while I was out on the road with Quiet Riot. I'm sorry I missed out on some of these awesome performances. Lanny brought in some very exotic instruments for this one. This version of Black Sabbaths War Pigs is a must listen, falling somewhere between Sade, Sting and Marvin Gaye".



Lanny Cordola: guitar, mandolin, saz, june bush, balalaika, vocals
Philip Bardowell: lead vocals, marimba, glockenspiel
Chuck Wright: bass, background vocals
Additional Musiscians:
Gary Thomas Griffin: piano, accordion, celeste, harmonium, calliope, organ, tubular bells, electric harpsichord
Scott Breadman: percussion, mortal shell
Chris Bleth: oboe, duduk, english horn, penny whistle
Harry Gilbert: cello - Charlie Bisarat: violin - Byron Berline: violin
Ethan James: hurdy gurdy - Paul Livingston: sitar - Chris Moore: tablas
Produced by Lanny Cordola and Gary Thomas Griffin


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