Odd Man Out - "Y2K"

This is the second solo album from Mr. Big's drummer - Pat Torpey. It's a bit more of a rock album and not as "Poppy" as the first. The album is a little farther off-center. Once again Mr. Torpey handles the vocals nicely. This album has more odd time signature type grooves than the first album. This album features the same cast as the first album - which is Pat, Lanny, me and Pat Regan. There's also guest appearances from Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Derrick Sherinian, Billy Duffy, Gregg Bissonette, Steve Lukather, Gene Black and Cameron Stone. We recorded the music with Pat Regan at his studio in Hollyweird and I mean weird. Lanny Cordola and I  co-wrote all the songs on this album with Pat, just like the first album - with the exception of the Fats Domino classic Ain't That A Shame. The album was released in Japan on November 25th. Hopefully it will be released here too.

I'm really proud of this one as I was a writer, bass player, co-producer and did all the graphics for the project. Oh yea, I also put the deal together in the beginning.



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