Quiet Riot - "QR3"

I was about to leave on the Japanese leg of the Giuffria tour when Kevin Du Brow contacting me about rejoining the band due to a big falling out with Rudy Sarzo. At the time I was wanting to participate as a writer on the next Giuffria recordings but Gregg was very insistent on Dave and he being the sole writers. This coupled with the fact that we were on the road doing sell out arena concerts and not having product in the stores due to M.C.A.'s lack of support, it seemed obvious that I should part ways and rejoin Quiet Riot. After all, I did have a history with them and they were still a platinum act. The making of QR3 however was a little painful due to problems we were having with Spencer Proffer. He put us on suspension and we were in limbo for quite awhile. Finally we got into the studio and I was able to contribute songs and be a participant in all the material on the record. At Spencers insistence we "modernized" our sound and brought my good friend John Purdell to ad some keyboard textures to our sound. This CD garnered a killer video directed by Mark Stein for the song "The Wild And The Young" (one of my favorites).

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