MASKLESS - with Raven James

I recorded the bass tracks for this release
with House Of Lords drummer Ken Mary at his studio in
Phoenix. It's a very unique project and presentation on CD.

Mask-less praise is music; simple words and melodies
that lead one effortlessly into the presence of God.

This up-lifting perspective was first revealed to
Raven James as a boy growing up in Chicago. And as
with all illumination, the light of his discovery
found him during his darkest hour...

Diagnosed with the rare strain of Diabetes called
Insipidus; Raven's case took the form of a tumor in
the center of his brain. But just before he was to
undergo surgery, his parents took him to a small inner
city church. There, little Raven was encircled by its
thirty parishioners and immersed in an overwhelming
atmosphere of unfettered, positive... MUSIC. The next
day, a team of top surgeons gathered around the
morning's final x-rays. As they studied the film, the
room's sterilized air electrified with amazement. The
tumor was gone.

Knowing that he was not expected to see his 18th
birthday, Raven tossed aside his masks of fear and
timidity, and dedicated his spared life to mastering
the ultimate atmosphere maker. He became a musician.

Today, barely in his thirties, fresh-faced Raven James
has already racked up a resume that would be the envy
of a man nearly twice his years. His composing and
producing talents have enhanced the works of
top-selling bands like Larue (Reunion Records), Dove
nominated Christian rockers EveryBodyDuck (Reunion),
and The Corbans (Micah Records/Diamante Music Group).
Working with Gener8xion Entertainment, James created
soundtracks for such productions as the Mother Teresa
documentary, "A Pencil in The Hand of God," the Bill
McCartney/Promise Keepers Pre-Super Bowl special,
"Sold-Out," and the MC Hammer segments of the
nationally syndicated, "Kids Against Crime."
His very LIVE concerts create a musical environment
that promotes the same kind of mask-removing
examination that literally changed his life. Using
simple words and well-crafted instrumentation, every
listener is launched out of their "earthly
atmosphere," and into that uniquely personal world

New Tulsa resident Raven James is not just bringing
Oklahoma's atmosphere a breath of fresh air, his
"mask-less" spin on rhythm & rhyme is putting a fresh
face on Oklahomas music, too.

-Barton Green


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