Reggae Worship Volume 2 (featuring The Children of Zion) (1995 Frontline Records)

Good Reggae! The Children of Zion are: the Magdalen gang (Bardowell, Cordola, and Wright) along with Griffin on Keyboards, Sandra Stephens on backing vocals, Joel Taylor on drums and various horn players including Tony Guerrero. Bardowell's vocals are amazing! You would think he was born and raised in Jamaica!

Lanny Cordola: guitars
Philip Bardowell: lead and backing vocals, bass on 'Cut The Devil Down'
Chuck Wright: bass, vibraslap - Gary Thomas Griffin: keyboards
Joel Taylor: drums - Tony Guerrero: trumpet - Chris Bleth: saxophone
Sandra Stephens: backing vocals - Scott Breadman: percussion - Tony Chogren: percussion
Rich Berkley: trombone - Greg Vail: saxophone

Produced and arranged by Lanny Cordola - Executive Producer: Matthew Duffy
Engineered and mixed by Steve Good

Reggae Worship Volume 3 (1995 Graceland Records) : Jahmark Dan shares lead vocal duties with Bardowell (he does a good job, too!). Unfortunately, not much for guitar solos. There's mostly sax solos on this one.

Lanny Cordola: guitars, bell, lyre - Jahmark Dan: lead vocals
Philip Bardowell: lead and background vocals - Chuck Wright: bass, background vocals
Taso Kotsos: drums, percussion - Gary Thomas Griffin: keyboards, xylophone, background vocals
Chris Bleth: saxophones, duduk, flute, clarinet Tom Liston: trombone
Sandra Stephens: background vocals

Produced by Gary Thomas Griffin, Chuck Wright and Lanny Cordola

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