House Of Lords - "Sahara"

The second CD minus the great talents of Lanny Cordola this time out. After our management ripped us all off he'd had enough and went to do a myriad of records as a producer and guitarist. To try and fill his shoes, we brought in Michael Guy, Doug Aldrich, Chris Impellitteri, and Rick Neilson. This album took on a less progressive and more straight ahead hard rock sound. It did however garner the #1 most requested AOR song on radio according to Album Network for 1991 with our version of Blind Faiths "Can't Find My Way Home". We had a top 5 most requested video in the then MTV countdown and we went on to do a sold out tour with Nelson. Unfortunately for us all, we were with R.C.A. who couldn't break an egg at the time. They had a couple great people in Randy Miller, Wynn Davis and Cheryl Northrop but for the most part their staff was incompetent to put it nicely. So our overall success was marginal. Now if we were on Geffen or Warner Bros. "Look Out" this would've been a huge band!!


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