Teddy Andreas - "Innocent Loser"

This album represents a tragedy of the American (and Korean) music business. I simply cannot believe that this album has gone completely unpromoted - from it's original release in Korea in 1996, until now with it's American debut in 1998. This is definitely the best album America has never heard! Purveyor of good time, radio friendly rock & roll, Teddy Andreas is a keyboardist, harmonica player and vocalist who has worked with such people as Guns 'n Roses, Seal and Carole King. In fact, he has assembled quite a cast for his debut album - Slash and Steve Lukather on guitar, Matt Sorum and Pat Torpey on drums - he even has Carole King singing backup vocals on a song for pete-sakes! So why hasn't the record company promo'd this album? Your guess is as good as mine. Guitarist/Producer Lanny Cordola "discovered" Teddy during a jam session at a local LA area club when the reluctant Mr. Andreas was coaxed into singing on stage. Lanny was immediately taken with the unique vocal quality of Teddy's voice - kind of a cross between Tom Waits and Neil Young. Together, Teddy and Lanny went to work writing songs and came up with some of the best "hooks" I've ever heard. Think of Tom Petty/John Mellencamp style only with some jazz, blues, dixieland, r&b and gospel thrown in! Highlights include "Where the Ragman Roams" with some brilliant guitar by Steve Lukather, "Shotgun Shack" which features three former Guns n' Roses members, and "Baby Doll", which has to be the saddest song I've ever heard - it's about a little girl who is killed by a molester - I really choked up the first time I heard it. Lanny plays on all of the songs and even takes a guitar solo or two(!). His solo on "Mojo Man" is a musical moment you won't soon forget!


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