David Glen Eisley - "War Dogs Memorial"

I'm not on this cd as a player but did all the artwork and joined up with Dave for this live event.

Review: The "War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes" documentary, premiered on the Discovery Channel on February 15, 1999. It was produced to educate America about the war dogs and the pivotal role they played in the Vietnam War. It tells the heart wrenching story of the bond between the dogs and their handlers and the great lengths they each took to save one another from the tragedies of war. It also recounts less than 200 of these valiant dogs returned to America at the close of the war, and how none of them were honored.

"He latched onto my hand. He gave me a friendly nip on the hand and looked at me. Wolf absolutely would not let me go by him. I looked straight ahead and not more than two feet was a tripwire. And I would have died right there with him if he wouldn't have found that wire." (Charlie Cargo, Vietnam dog handler).

February 21, 00, President's Day, it was a very gray morning as we pulled up to the March Air Force Base Museum site; it seemed somewhat appropriate. This was the day that so many American soldiers finally got closure with the very dear friends they had to leave behind. It was raining pretty hard when we arrived around 9:30 am. David Glen Eisley and the War Dogs band was making sure everything was in place for the start of the event at 11:00 am. So many had turned out and those in fatigues seemed especially at home in the dreariness of the day. The ceremony started a few minutes early because the rain had finally tapered a bit.

David Glen Eisley and the War Dogs band is:

Eisley - lead vocals, keyboards (formerly of Giuffria and Dirty White Boy),
Chuck Wright, bass - Dave Amato, guitar (REO Speedwagon)
Ron Wikso - drums (touring with Foreigner and Cher)
John Purdell, background vocals, keyboard (platinum producer best known for his work with Ozzy and Motley Crue) - Brie Howard Darling, percussion (The Boxing Ghadis), and Eric Rigler - ilean pipes (player from the Titanic and Braveheart soundtracks), opened the ceremonies by playing "Gone But Not Forgotten" (all music written by David Glen Eisley).

Then all were greeted by Steve Clark, the director of March Field Air Museum, the posting of the colors was executed, and special guest Ellis Hall (Tower Of Power) sang the National Anthem which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Then as Jeffrey Bennett, President of the War Dog Memorial Fund and also, Mayor of Corona, got up to address the crowd a fly over was performed by the March Aero Club flying World War II fighter planes.

The the Memorial Presentation speech by Jeffrey Bennett got underway, followed by the acceptance speeches by Tom Mitchell (Chairman, Vietnam Dog Handlers Association) and Hal Austin (President, March Field Museum Foundation). The featured guest speaker was Justice Ming W. Chin (Supreme Court of California). Now with all speeches out of the way, it was time to get down to business. There were over 150 working dogs there to pay tribute and the K-9 law enforcement teams did a formation of all the teams as the War Dogs band performed "Rememberin".

Now, this is where things got very emotional. They unveiled the monument and as I stood there is the drizzle, I watched hundreds of Vietnam veterans take a rose and place it ever so lovingly on the memorial, some would rub the dog on the nose and chest, others actually hugged the bronze image. They were finally getting closure. The ceremony was closed and the viewing of the memorial continued while the band played two more songs, "Run Wild, Run Free" and "Matter of Time". I have to say the ilean pipe player definitely added that special feel to the whole event, it was such a heartfelt day. Thank you to all the soldiers and dogs that served us ever so faithfully!

All music production, staging, and sound reinforcement were coordinated by Chuck Wright for Rock Solid Entertainment, Inc. If you would like more information on War Dogs, please visit their site at http:/www.war-dogs.com


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