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This page features all the latest news and information on my most recent releases,
live performances, recording and art projects currently in development,
upcoming shows, and more...
So much has happened this year. Big news is, we now have a great new singer in QUIET RIOT named Scott Vokoun. One of his first performances was the M3 Festival which was telecast world wide on HDNet and garnered great reviews. Most recently we kicked off the Sunset Street Music Festival in Hollywood. See www.officalquietriot.com.

Other news: I just completed working on the musical, political satire "How Obama Got His Groove Back" which opened 08/17/12, I did the Bass tracks for Swedish group "Burned By the Sun" engineered by Gilby Clarke, I continue to do local shows with my acoustic group Acoustic Saints (Check us out at www.acousticsaints.com) and I recently finished doing the Bass tracks for the new "Heaven And Earth" release called "DIG". I co-wrote most of the material with them and it will be released in the first quarter of 2013.

Summer 2011

It's been an amazing summer of great rock shows with Quiet Riot. I also recently put together an acoustic trio called "Acoustic Saints" with long time friends, Guitarist, Mandolin and Violin player, Rick Sailon and singer/songwriter and Guitarist Stan Bush.

We reinterpret Rock classics and have some original pieces. Check out www.acousticsaints.com.

February-April 2011

It's been a fun few months of rockin' Quiet Riot shows with many more to come. Most notably, we were just added to the huge Rock festival named "Bang Your Head" in Balingen Germany on July 15. Other news: I recently co-wrote and recorded music for a new political/satire/musical called "Oh Mama! and Obama", I've been laying down bass tracks for David Victor's solo record and doing some local Flamenco music shows with David Maldonado. Art wise, I completed a 24 page CD package for the Tommy Bolin "Teaser" Delux and a couple company logo designs.

Other news, Godin Guitars is running an add in magazines featuring me with my Godin fretless bass (larger version) and lastly, I finally got footage of a live version of "Bass Case" (my bass solo from Quiet Riots QR3 release). Check it out!


December 2010 - January 2011

The first shows back with Quiet Riot were a huge success.

You can see the band perform Metal Health "Bang Your Head" at our show in Denver. Please visit www.officialquietriot.com. Show dates are being added.

A new Northern Light Orchestra CD "Celebrate Christmas" was just released and features performances by Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich, Lita Ford, Robin McAuley, Vivian Campbell, Yogi Lonich, Bruce Kulick, Ken Mary, Lanny Cordola, Jon Elefante, Mark Slaughter, Vinnie Appice, Kip Wingers string arrangements and me on bass.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2011!

October - November 2010

I'll be in Japan performing at two huge festivals called Loud Park 10. We'll be opening for Ozzy, Avenged Sevenfold and Mot�rhead. Also in the band is Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), and Mark Slaughter (from Slaughter)... we're playing in support of Japanese Metal guitarist we recorded with in the 80's named Kuni.

Upon my return I'll be in rehearsals with Quiet Riot for our first show since Nov 4th, 2007. We'll be in the Chicago area November 5th at the Arcada Theatre.

September 13th, 2010

I received an amazing birthday present today with the announcement that Quiet Riot is returning to Rock the world again!!

For details go to:

January - May 2010
A lot of great things have been happening so far this year. I was just in Phoenix recording an album with Ken Mary (former House Of Lords/Alice Cooper drummer). He's an award winning producer engineer now in the Christian market. We're working on the second "Northern Light Orchestra" CD. Another Christmas themed release. I also just finished a 7 week run in Hollywood with a musical/political/satire called "Rock-N-Ridicule" that I helped put together by arranging existing music and writing new songs. We had amazing impersonators of Obama, Bush, and Sarah Palin in the show. My good friends, Gene Black from Joe Cockers band and Teddy "Zig Zag" from Guns-n-Roses helped round out the live band.

We got great reviews and we were sold out for most of the shows. While at NAMM I did three performances playing a fretless Godin bass and I'm now endorsed by them. I love that instrument, so smooth. I've been special guesting this year with the "Platinum Rockstars" doing live shows in California and Las Vegas. Check out the upcoming show schedule at www.platinumrockstars.com. I was also at Paramount recently doing an album called "Anonymous" with guitarist Mitch Perry and young phenom drummer Tony Royster Jr. from Beyonce and Jay Z's band.
August - December 2009
I'm currently finishing up the CD art work for King Crimson guitarist, Adrian Belew's project "The New Czar's" while arranging songs and rehearsing for a political satire musical called �Rock-N-Ridicule�. I also wanted to announce that I'll be joining the faculty of RockSource360, a web-based firm that provides music artistry coaching, technological service & training, and music business consulting to musicians world-wide. The past couple months, I recorded the bass tracks for Dr. Phil's new seasons theme song, a bass track for another "American Pie" film, played 13 tracks of bass on the Northern Light Orchestra - "Spirit Of Christmas" CD that features George Lynch, Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Shane Gibson (Korn) and many more. BLOCKBUSTER will be giving away 525,000 samplers of it at their stores. I've also been performing live throughout California and Nevada with Flamenco guitarist David Maldonado and in rehearsals with Latin Trop Pop singer/ guitarist Keith Chagall.

Happy Holidays everyone!
June and July 2009
I was just on tour (June 13th through July 5th) with "Adler's Appetite" and I'll be in Las Vegas July 24th and 25th performing with The David Maldonado Group at The Green Valley District. I'm currently in the studio with producer/engineer, Pat Regan, (Deep Purple, Kiss) guitarist, Shane Gibson (Korn) and drummer, Mike Gluck (Frank Zappa band) on a heavy/progressive rock instrumental album project through August.
January-February 2009

I hope this new year finds you all well and full of hope for the future.

I've been busy performing live in a high energy Flamenco group these past couple months. Go to: www.davidmaldonado.com and check out the photo gallery. I just designed Steve Lukather's tour shirt (click the picture above) for his upcoming European tour and I've been in studio with Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum and musician/ producer/friend, Lanny Cordola, doing tracks for Matt's "Darling Stiletto's" project. http://www.darlingstilettos.com/index2.htm

I also had a recent recording session with actor/drummer John Stamos for his television show E.R.  Scott Grimes from the cast is an awesome soul singer. We cut the James Brown classic "I Feel Good".  I have a lot of new photos from different events and my art work posted on my Myspace page, so please visit me there at: www.myspace.com/chuckwrightbass

October - November 2008
I have a few new CD releases out that I played bass on. The first is House Of Lords "Anthology", which has two new re-records, a few live recordings from 1989 and some great demos we did back then. I worked on an interesting Ambient Trance release called Spirits In Ambience, "Sahara". I played (exclusively) fret-less bass on this one. See: http://www.myspace.com/spiritsinambience.

I also did a track on guitarist Adrian Galysh's new release "Earth Tones" and performed with him on the California tour called "Shredstock". I did the CD package design and layout for all three of these releases and the recent Ken Stacey (background singer with Elton John) "I Will Still Be Me" CD release. See: http://cdbaby.com/cd/kenstacey

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

September 2008

Unfortunately, The Flash Back Tour has been put on hold until further notice. It was an amazing show and garnered great reviews and a killer crowd response.

Please check out www.flashbacktour.com and hit the "Photos" link. You can also visit my MySpace page at www.myspace.com/chuckwrightbass and hit the Flash Back photo album for my personal Flash Back photo journal.

July - November 2008

While on tour doing "Shredstock" with guitarist Adrian Galysh I got a call from the legendary Tony Franklin about playing bass in a massive production arena tour called "The Flash Back Tour". I'm now in Savannah, Georgia in rehearsals with some amazing world class musicians and singers. We even have an orchestra. The scale and scope of this project is amazing, check out the web site at: www.flashbacktour.com

Hopefully you can make it to the show and experience this with me.

March/April 2008
I'll be on tour with HOOKERS 'N' BLOW (the band led by GUNS N' ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed and has former Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi and Puddle Of Mudd drummer David "Chili" Moreno) and LOVE/HATE as we team for a 2008 tour.

Jizzy Pearl will be performing the music of LOVE/HATE for the first time in North America in over 15 years, including the MTV hits "Blackout In The Red Room", "Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?" and "Spinning Wheel".Dizzy Reed of GUNS N' ROSES will also be on the bill with his ultra-fun side project HOOKERS 'N' BLOW, who will be performing a mix of covers as well as, for the first time, new music from Reed, including songs off "The Still Life" soundtrack, which he recently scored.More info can be found at www.myspace.com/dizzynjizzytour2008. See Chuck Wright's Tour Schedule March-April 2008 for details.


Nov 25/2007
Click here


March, April, May 2007
These past few months I've been doing fly out concerts with Quiet Riot in
support of the new "Rehab" release. Thanks to all the fans that made it out to
the shows. Coming up, we'll be in Sweden for the huge Sweden Rock festival on
June 7th, The Rocklahoma festival in Oklahoma July 13th, and many other shows
this summer. I have a cool new release out that I played bass on with a young band
out of Arizona called "Out Of Ruin". Check out:


I also did a Gretchen Wilson done Southern Rock style CD with guitarist producer
Brent Woods to be released soon. For you drummers, there's a two disk DVD set
with five hours of footage that I played bass on for Carmine Appice called "The
Ultimate Realistic Rock" which includes instruction by Carmine, Vinny Appice,
Kenny Arnoff and more. You can also drum along with me and Pat Travers with a
click track. You can find it at: http://www.carmineappice.net/06_theshop.html

February 2007

The past couple weeks I've been working on various art work projects, most notable being a big project for singer Robert Fleischman. This will be my forth CD package rendering for him.

While in L.A., I've been doing a few shows with my fun cover band here in L.A., The Exile Social Club. I also recorded a few songs for a new Sarah Jessica Parker film with guitarist producer Brent Woods.
The House Of Lords "Live" CD that we recorded November 2005 has finally been released through Frontiers Records. I also designed the CD package on this one.

Right now, I'm excited about getting back out on the road with Quiet Riot starting in March. The live "Rock Line" performance in January which went off amazing!! We played 30 minutes live to 90 terrestrial radio stations and mostly played songs from the new release, "Rehab".

January 2007

Happy New Year!

I'll be performing with QUIET RIOT on ROCKLINE on January 10! Legendary Rockline host Bob Coburn has invited QUIET RIOT to give a special live full electric in studio performance that will include songs from the group's recently released "REHAB" CD. QUIET RIOT will also be interviewed and fans are encouraged to call in with questions for Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). The show will air live on Wednesday night January 10, 2007 at 8:30 PM PT / 11:30 PM ET. For a list of station near you and information regarding how to log onto the Internet for the broadcast, go to www.RocklineRadio.com.

July 2006
Big news.. I've rejoined Quiet Riot and will be doing my first show in 2006 with them in Austin at Carlos-n-Charlies with Skid Row, July 29th.
May-June 2006

I was in Houston at Bobby Blotzer's (from Ratt) new studio recording tracks for his "all star" bands release, "The Angel City Outlaws", which also features Jani Lane on vocals and Kerri Kelli on guitars. (Alice Cooper/Skid Row). Very new and cool sounding tunes. I also recently played bass for a DVD shoot with Pat Travers and Carmine Appice. It's for Carmine's new drum instructional video. The drummers get to play along with me and Pat. It's a live, no overdubs performance to tape.

I also did six tracks for a Led Zep karaoke CD with Brent Woods (Vince Neals band/ BBS), and a couple new tracks for Christian recording artist Jeff Eaton. I just completed the House Of Lords "Live" CD package and the music is now being mastered. Sounds awesome!!! I can't wait for everyone to hear this. It should be out this fall on Frontiers Records. There's some serious playing on this release so, check it out. In the mean time, I've been doing sporadic concert dates with Stephen Pearcy... it's always a blast!

March - April 2006
I've returned from the six week Stephen Pearcy "Metal In America" tour.. over 20,000 road miles.. and some wild nights!! We ended everything with a live/unplugged concert at The Key Club in Hollywood that was recorded for a new solo acoustic CD called "Stripped", which will be released May 9th. For more info and photos from the tour and show go to: http://www.stephen-pearcy.com/ and click on the live photos. There are a few scattered Pearcy shows this Summer as well, so check out the tour link.

I've also just begun working on a 10 CD graphic art work project for a Latino music company. In other music news, the Jeff Eaton (Christian music singer/songwriter) CD that I played some bass on is out now. Go to: http://www.jeffeaton-music.com/. You can also find the Travers and Appice CD I played on through the Cleopatra Records web site. Go to: http://www.cleorecs.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=3750.

January/February 2006

NAMM 2006 -- I was performing with my friends Jizzy Pearl (Ratt, Love/Hate), Alex Grossi (my band mate with Quiet Riot) and Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion) at the PAUL REED SMITH guitars NAMM party that was held at THE GROVE in Anahiem, CA. Of course, I was playing my Schecter bass.Also appearing on the bill were Al Dimeola, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Pat Travers, and Michael Bolton. The above photo is Jordon "The Junkman" from KNAC, me and Pat Travers taken at the event. I leave Sunday, February 2nd for a six week tour of the U.S. with the Stephan Pearcy band on the "Metal In America" tour which also features Bang Tango and Pretty Boy Floyd.

Go to: http://www.stephen-pearcy.com/ for tour details.

December 2005

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy fun filled holiday!I just returned from Phoenix where I played bass on twelve tracks for a new young band called "Out Of Ruin". Some very interesting material and while there, I did five tracks for a solo artist named Jeff Eaton. Ken Mary was producing, and engineering at his state of the art studio. Check out www.sonicphish.com I was also recently in the UK and Greece playing with House Of Lords headlining the Firefest II festivals. We had a great time, thanks to everyone for coming out to the shows and a special thanks to Kieran and Bruce for making it all happen.For reviews and comments go to: http://hardrockhouse.com/gigreviews/FirefestII2.htm
and http://forums.melodicrock.com/phorum33/read.php?f=1&i=183797&t=183797.
Click here to see some photos from the trip. We recorded the Nottingham show so there will be a live release of that performance sometime in the next few months and we'll have a DVD of all our videos, some live footage and interviews from the past out soon on Frontiers. Lastly, I will not be continuing on with Quiet Riot. We had a hell of a year.. so many great shows..so many different places...so many friends were made. I always say... change is the motion that keeps you growing. I'm looking forward to a new year of fresh new musical and travel experiences.

Happy 2006!!!

October-November 2005

October was an interesting month of shows with Quiet Riot, especially around Halloween. The people at The White Buffalo in Colorado were out of control. I never thought I'd see a guy in a disco wig fight & a guy in a pirates outfit only to be punched out by a guy dressed as Jesus.... Seems everyone's just that much more crazed at that time of year.I just got a copy of the Iron Maiden Tribute I did a track for with Lemmy and Phil Campbell from Moterhead, Rocky from Godhead, George from Fishbone/Suicidal Tendencies and AC/DC / Firm drummer Chris Slade. We did "The Trooper", produced by Bob Kulick. Here's a link to an MP3 of the track: http://www.rykodisc-media.com/music/thetrooper.mp3 I was recently in the studio with Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum and my best bud, Lanny Cordola, doing music for a new show called Steel Dreams. Go to: http://www.steeldreamstv.com/.We created 43 minutes of music that day. It was very inspiring... no holds barred musically... everything from Acid Jazz, to Rockabilly to full thrashing punk... Then we funked it up with a Bootsy stylized jam'. I have a couple more shows with QR in Michigan November 18th and 19th then I'll be doing the second Firefest Festivals with House Of Lords that takes place in Nottingham England and Athens, Greece. Go to: http://www.melodicrock.com/firefest/firefest.html and

This will mark the first performances in 16 years with the original HOL line up. Lastly, a special thanks to Jim Lovinggood and the guys at The VooDoo Lounge in Riverside. Cool place... A very fun QR gig that night! Check it out - http://www.voodoolounge.org/.

September 2005
I just finished performing with Quiet Riot on the Rock Never Stops Tour that
featured Cinderella, Ratt, and Firehouse. The tour and the QR one off shows were
a great success as we rocked through 60 shows in 12 weeks. I made some great new
friends and I'd like to send out special thanks to all the fans who came out to
support these shows. I will be posting a RNS tour photo page soon. QR hit the road for a few shows in September and we have shows through the end of the year. Go to http://www.frankie-banali.com/QR2005.html for Quiet Riot up dates. I've gotten back into my graphic arts work with a project for famed Toto drummer Simon Phillips . I'm also
working on "New Age" acoustic guitarist Nocy's newest CD package and an
anthology CD package on the late Tommy Bolin. Thanks to Amy Martini for my new
home page photo taken recently during the RNS tour.
May 2005

May was another month of travel. I was in South Korea with Quiet Riot playing for our troops. These guys and gals were an amazing and appreciative audience. Skid Row were also on the bill with us. While on the air base in Kunsan, we were first shown an F-16 fighter jet then we got to go on the actual flight simulator the pilots train on. Click here for some photos from our Korean adventure. You can also visit Frankie Banali's site for photos of the awards they gave the band on stage. Go to: http://www.frankie-banali.com/Korea.html. Quiet Riot was also recently animated and featured on "The Simpsons" (see above), following in the footsteps of the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Who, Peter Frampton, and U2's Bono...

Don't forget... "Rock Never Stops" begins now!!!

March/ April 2005
On the road again... Just returned from an 11 show in 10 day run with Quiet Riot mostly in Canada. Go to: http://www.frankie-banali.com/QRCanada.html. Just prior to that we did shows in Latin and South America, go to: http://www.frankie-banali.com/latinamerica.html.

We were also in Washington, Oregon, Texas and Colorado. The show at Copper Mountain, Colorado stands out because it was my first show outdoors in the snow..brrrrrr! In spite of that, we got the crowd rockin'! The photo above is from our show in Ft. Worth Texas. During my time at home I finished a CD package for New Age Trance artist Spirits In Ambience and east coast radio personality "The Radio Chick". I just got endorsed by Sick Boy Motorcycles.. Check 'em out at: http://www.sickboyinc.com/.I leave for Korea where I'll be performing for our troops with Quiet Riot. Skid Row is on the dates as well. http://afnkorea.net/Article.asp?PT=NEWS+YOU+CAN+USE&id=82219

Rock Never Stops is around the corner, I hope to see you all soon.

February 2005 continued
I just returned from a 3 city tour of Spain with Quiet Riot. (Granada, Bergara and Palma de Mallorca.) We were able to get out and see the sights in Granada and Mondragon. You can see the photos here. I couldn't believe it was snowing there. The band was well received and we all look forward to a return in the near future. We leave for more shows in Guatemala, Panama and Columbia at the end of the month. This will be my first trip south of Mexico. You can get tour date details at http://www.frankie-banali.com/QR2005.html.

I recently did an interview with Metal Sludge called 20 questions which is now up at: http://www.metalsludge.tv/main/index.php. Just scroll down to 3/1. I also have a phone interview that is posted at www.blasting-zone.com.

January-February 2005
I've just completed six tracks with the legendary Pat Travers and Carmine Appice for their new CD. Lanny Cordola was on hand playing and co-producing. He and I also have a couple of co-writes on the record. I'm heading to Spain with Quiet Riot at the end of the month to do a few shows, one of which is a big festival with Megadeth. Quiet Riot has a new live in the 80's CD called "Live and Rare" just out that also has three pre-Metal Health demos I did with them. The version of "Thunderbird" is awesome. Ya gotta check this out. I'm looking forward to a very full year of concerts with them. This band kicks ass!! I also have a compilation CD just released on Cleopatra Records from the "Odd Man Out" projects. It has killer performances by Steve Lukather, Matt Sorum, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Billy Duffy (of The Cult) and Derek Sherinian along with producer Pat Regan engineering, playing keys and co-producing. This past month I also created a CD package for rock guitarist/singer Harley Krishna.
October-November-December 2004

Early October I hit the road with Steven Adler from Guns-N-Roses and his ultimate party band. I also spent a good portion of October working on art related projects, one of which was for a female vocalist named Stefana. See above. It was another collaboration with photographer Jim Steinfeldt, who also worked on the Matt Sorum CD package with me. I also did a package for blues singer/guitarist Calvin Russell. November -- The show with Quiet Riot in Monterrey Mexico was amazing - over 12,000 screaming, singing rock fans. It was the best show of the year for me performance wise. You can read more about it on Frankie's site. Go to: http://www.frankiebanali.com/monterrey.html. I was back in the studio with producer Bob Kulick doing a song for Michael Schenker's new solo album. I also completed all the tracks, photography and art work for a new act called "Belly Of The Boom". Coming up -- QUIET RIOT will perform on December 31 for a special New Year's Eve event at the Firehouse Cue in Gaithersberg, Maryland. I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season!
July-August-September 2004

Most of my Summer was spent on a very unique tour called The Bad Boys Of Metal. I played bass for Kevin Dubrow, Steven Adler (original drummer from Guns-N- Roses) Bang Tango, and Jani Lane of Warrant. I was playing bass for over 3 hours in the beginning, well, until Jani disappeared 8 shows into the tour. The best part of the experience was the actual playing - it was a great band and we had some awesome shows. Kip Winger actually joined us in New Jersey which was an outstanding one for the tour all around. You can see photos and day by day recounts of that tour on Jeff Martin's Racer X web site. I also just played in Puerto Rico with Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali on a bill with Dokken. That was the best time I've had all year. Billy Morris joined us on guitar. September was the best, with that trip, my first surprise birthday party and getting my new car. (Mine was totaled in front of my house as I looked on.) I just returned from a week on the road with Steven Adlers ultimate party band. Being in the Boston area while the Red Sox beat The Angels was awesome. Now those are baseball fans!! Studio wise, I did a track for Bob Kulick (pictured above) for an Iron Maiden Tribute with Chris Slade from AC/DC on drums. I also was in the studio with Lanny Cordola, Pat Torpey doing tracks for a new singer/songwriter named Broby. It was being engineered and produced by Pat Regan. (Pictured above) Also, Pat, Lanny and I have a compilation CD coming out in the states on Cleopatra Records next month. It has a cast of names you all know and it kicks ass. The BIG news I have for you is, I'm now officially back in Quiet Riot and will be out there touring the world again with them. You can go to: http://www.glam-metal.com/chuckwright.html which has a recent interview I did about it and the past. We'll be in Montery, Mexico November 13th. Ole!!!!
March-June 2004

Just back from 2 fun filled shows with my Quiet Riot band mates Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali. We were joined at the Orlando Hard Rock Hotel show by guitar legend Pat Travers on a Montrose song. (See above photo) The coincidence here is that I had just completed the art for his CD package for a project with Carmine Appice. I had never met Pat until that performance. I have a few new CD'S out now which you can read more about on my CD's link. Briefly, Mr. Big has a greatest hits package out now on Rhino and I have a song called "Suffocation" that I co-wrote on it. I played bass on a compilation of classic rock songs interpreted by rappers called Rock vs Rap which is out now on Cleopatra Records. Also, French female vocalist/songwriter named Audrey Forest has just released her CD on Warner Brothers Records. I did the bass on that one and was joined by HOL drummer Ken Mary. House Of Lords "Power And The Myth" is finally coming out in the U.S. on Cleopatra Records August 26th. I'll be doing a one off show with Kevin and Frankie in Kansas City on July 10th and have signed on to do the "BAD BOYS OF METAL 2004" tour which starts at the end of July here on the west coast. You can go to www.pollstar.com for show dates as they are added. I designed the poster and logo for the tour. (as seen above) I hope to see you all soon.
January-February 2004

I hope the New Year has been treating you all well... The NAMM show was a big success. Click here to see the merchant booth I rendered all the graphic design for. Recently, I've been doing a lot of interviews for magazines all over the world for the new House Of Lords release "The Power And The Myth", which has been getting some nice reviews. If you're interested go to:



I played bass on a couple of songs last year for a singer/songwriter out of Italy named Chris Catena, that is now out and available. Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer of Kiss fame join me on these tracks. Currently I'm working on a web site for bassist Jerry Best (Courtney Love, Lion, Dio) which will be up and on the net soon at www.jerrybest.com, I just completed a nice ad campaign for Lon Cohen Studio Rentals and have begun work on a CD package for radio personality "The Radio-Chick" out of New York City.

November-December 2003

I wanted you all to know that Matt Sorums solo release "Hollywood Zen" that I played bass on, created the art work and layout for is now available through his web site at www.mattsorum.com and will soon be at retail. Above is a recent photo taken at his birthday celebration.

House Of Lords "The Power And The Myth" will be out February world wide. (finally) I'm currently working on a huge project for P. Audio out of Thailand designing their displays and booth for the 2004 NAMM convention.

Mid September - October 2003

I'm back from the European tour with Vanilla Fudge. The last show was in Greece, to my surprise it's almost third world there, a very dirty city and under construction everywhere for the 2004 Olympics. The cool thing about it was seeing the Acropolis. (The birth place of civilization.) Scandinavia, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland were all awesome as usual. It was a fun tour overall. I performed the encores with the guys after Tim Bogerts return mid way into the run. Bobby Rondinelli and Carmine Appice did a snare drum battle during the encore jam..that was special indeed. It was great seeing and meeting House Of Lords fans who happen to be at the shows. All very curious about the upcoming release which is due out the first of the year. Prior to leaving on the tour, I recorded the bass tracks for Warner Brothers recording artist Audrey Forrest (see photo above). She has some amazing material and a very fine voice.
Late August - September 2003
A lot going on right now my friends. I just finished a rock rap project called "The Good, The Bad and The Heavy" with Lanny Cordola and Pat Torpey. We covered a lot of classic rockers like "The Immigrant Song", "Back In Black", "Paranoid", "Hey Joe" and more with a couple original pieces thrown in for good measure. Rappers from Cypress Hill, Crazy Town and other notables do their take on the tracks. I've been completing the final overdubs and mixes on the new House Of Lords release "The Power And The Myth" with Fabrizio Grossi while also completing the CD package artwork. I recently rehearsed with movie star turned singer Gina Gershon, preparing her for her upcoming House Of Blues tour in support of her movie based on a rock singer, then I started in on rehearsals with Vanilla Fudge filling the shoes of one of my inspirations, Tim Bogert. This is quite the honor for me and I really get to play, no holds barred, with these guys. Carmine Appice is a world class drummer and a pleasure to work with again. Click here for the VF tour dates. First though, I'm heading to Phoenix to record an album with a French female pop/rock singer named Audrey. Ken Mary will be on drums for this one.
April-August 2003 Update

I have a few new releases coming out very soon. One being Mr. Big / Influences & Connections that I worked on these past few months. It's a very unique project in which Mr. Big classic songs have been revisited featuring all star vocalists and guest musicians as well as Mr. Big band members. I played bass on the majority of the tracks. Billy Sheehan, Tim Bogert and Keeanu Reeves all do a track. Ann Wilson of Heart , John Waite of The Baby's and Bad English (pictured above) Deep Purple alumni, Glen Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Mickey Thomas from Starship, Doug Pinnik and Ty Tabor from King's X, Guest guitarists include Steve Lukather of Toto, Lanny Cordola from House Of Lords, Marty Friedman, Gene Black and Yngwie Malmsteen. Matt Sorum of Guns-N-Roses and The Cult fame is playing drums on a track. Pat Torpey handles all the other songs. The entire project performances have been professionally video taped with interviews for a DVD release to coincide with the CD release. Speaking of Matt Sorum. His solo release "Hollywood Zen" which I played bass on has been picked up by Sixthman/Warner Bros and should be out by September. I also rendered all the cd graphic art and layout. Another very unique release I did last year that is just now out is called Maskless Worship with Raven James. It's also a DVD which has visuals and moving lyrics that coincide with the song. I'm joined by my friends, Lanny, Ken Mary, and Philip Bardowell on this one. I was recently in Phoenix doing the bass tracks for a new group called "The Form". Keep an eye out for that one. I also just completed the art work for www.MelodicRock.com's Cd compilation.

Sadly, this past July my dear friend of 23 years, John Purdell passed away. A wonderful, humorous loving man. His magic touch graced many a platinum selling artist. To those of us that were blessed with his friendship, we were the lucky ones. May God welcome him home. Rest in peace my brother.

February/March 2003 Update

First off, I want to express my sincere hope for a quick end to the war and a safe return of our brave troops. Secondly, I want to let everyone know that I will not be continuing on with Alice Cooper for the rest of this year. Last year's tour was a great experience for me and I wish them well on their next outing. Alice has the best fans anywhere and I will miss my new found friends. I have a very busy schedule right now with the commitments I've made to the new House Of Lords project, my graphics clients, and several new and interesting music projects at hand. I'm starting a new record next week for German recording artist Christian Tolle which will feature several all-star guest players including Steve Lukather. In addition, I'm now working with Grammy Award winning producer Greg Ladnayi developing a community and internet presence for a new multi-million dollar nightclub called Platinum Live, the only 5.1 Surround Sound venue in the world.Pictured above is Lanny Cordola, Ken Mary and myself at the tracking sessions for the new House Of Lords album here in North Hollywood; that's Ken bashing away on the "Franken" kit. Also pictured is the cover art for the recent release of Hedeki's "Drunk Punk" album, (the lead vocalist of famed Japanese rock group Sham Shay) on which I played bass and Pat Torpey played drums

January 2003 Update
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From Times Square to Red Square - from Mount Rushmore to the ominous peaks of the Bavarian Alps - from Comerica Park in The Motor City to the bull rings of Madrid - I'm back from 4 months of high intensity Rock-N-Roll playing with a great band and the legend himself, Alice Cooper. Please check out the AC links page for some live photos as well as a small selection of my personal scenic photos of the different places I was fortunate enough to experience. Currently I'm in the studio working on a secret project - an announcement will be made once this stellar line up of guest participants is confirmed. The House Of Lords saga continues as well - so many songs have been written we could release a 4 CD set. I also have my graphics business back up and running. My head is still spinning from it all. Big thanks go out to JP and Mike @ Schector Guitars, Dean Markley Strings (I actually made my own strings at their plant in Kalamazoo), Dave W. @Guitar Center, Lon Cohen at Lon Cohen Studio Rentals and Doc at St. Louis Music / Ampeg for their support.
September 2002
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Finally an update!!! Ok the big excuse is that my web master and close friend has been on tour with Cinderella. A lot has happened in the past many months. A few albums were recorded, 60’s icon Freddy “Boom Boom” Canons Christmas CD due out this holiday season, Hedeki from Siam Shade (a Japanese singer/songwriter) with Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola and Pat Regan, a solo artist named Kevin Gales “I Didn’t Count On This” and a Christian orchestral rock record called Luminosity with Ken Mary producing, more House Of Lords sessions, recorded with Atlantic artist Summer Rose, I also worked on the film score for “Now You Know” with Jeff Anderson from Clerks. I hit the stage here in Los Angeles with Montrose for the Randy Castillo benefit (he will be missed) and played various cities throughout northern California. I’ve kept my graphic arts juices flowing working on the recently released Robert Fleishman package as well as local recording artists Wendy Wagner, Omni Blank, Erin O’Brien, and other various art related projects. The big news for me this is year is landing the Alice Cooper world tour. We did a short run of 4 shows in late August and it went great. Please check out the weekly tour diary I’ll be posting. AC TOUR DIARY!! This is an awesome show. Ya gotta check it out when we get to your part of the world!!! I’d also like to announce that I’m now endorsed by Dean Markley Strings and Schecter Guitars as well as Ampeg as always.
Agust - September - October 2001 Update
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A new day has dawned...a new day of infamy 9/11/2001 It would be impossible to talk about what I’ve been doing without mentioning this great tragedy in our lifetime. May we all be stronger and more caring for our fellow Americans. Peace. The end of summer and this fall found me in the studio working with Matt Sorum and Lanny Cordola on the music score for a new movie written and directed by the star of the film “Clerks” Jeff Anderson. We were also in the overdub stage with Matt’s debut solo effort Hollywood Zen. Slash came down and did one of the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard on a song called “The Blame Game”. This record rocks hard my friends. I got together with Paul Shortino again and co-wrote and recorded a new song for his Cutt release. I was lucky enough to have 5 songs which I co-wrote with Lanny and Pat Torpey appear on the new Mr. Big release “Actual Size” and we have a track on the bands first single. The CD is currently #1 on many charts in Japan. Lanny and I were hired to produce a Limp Bizkit project reinterpreting and reconstructing they’re music using different vocalists and bands which we just completed. Graphically, I’ve recently finished CD packages for the notable rock band Giant, a new English female singer Christianne, a blues guitarist named Jim King, a rap group called Eleven/30 and of course, The Limp Bizkit Tribute. I’m currently working on a flamenco guitarist new age artist named Nocy and Robert Fleischmanns CD package. Throughout these last three months I’ve also been writing and recording new material for the anticipated House Of Lords release “The Power and the Myth”...Life is good... Happy Holidays to all!!!
June - July 2001 Update
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June and part of July I was working with Lanny and Matt Sorum (when he takes breaks from The Cult tour) on a new Pauly Shore film which has Sean Penn, Whoopy Goldberg, Tommy Lee, Snoop Doggy Dog, Dr. Dre., Ellen Degeneres, Pamela Lee and a lot more in it. It's actually very funny autobiographical piece on Pauly's career. Of course, I'm still hard at work on the new HOL recording project. I just completed a new Aerosmith Tribute CD package which has 50 name players on it called "Let The Tribute Do The Talkin'". I'm in the middle stages on the CD graphics for Giant, Robert Fleischman, House Of Lords, and The Cutt which is my good friend Paul Shortino's new project. I did a couple bass tracks for him as well. I just got in today from Phoenix where I was doing bass on another album for Ken Mary called "Lumination". I survived my return by not getting killed in an auto accident.....yes, I was pulling out of the corner store and "WHAM" . I'm ok, just a bump on the head.
April - May 2001 Update

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The heat is on as summer is upon us here in sunny Southern California. The last couple months have been quite full with recording, writing and art work. April and May I completed the CD packages for Frontiers Recording artist Terry Brock, former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulicks first solo release, new cutting edge L.A. band called Lost Faith, a mysterious fellow out of St. Louis by the name of Jack Cash and a new Queen Tribute. Musically I laid down some bass tracks for my good friend Paul Shortino for his new release called “The Cutt”. I flew back to Phoenix to do the bass tracks for another Christian market artist that Ken Mary is producing by the name of Keith Gaines. We also worked on ideas for the new House Of Lords record which has been taking up a good majority of my time. Yes, we have a deal!! The Bruce Springsteen Tribute CD that I co-produced some tracks with Lanny, played bass on, and did the graphics for is finally out on Cleopatra Records. It features reinterpretation of some Springsteen classics with performances by The Beach Boys, Ronnie Spector, Little Milton, Robin McAuley, Richie Furray and others. I also played bass on the aforementioned Queen Tribute CD entitled Stone Cold Queen. The track is “Play The Game”. Currently, I’ve been working on the new Pauly Shore movie score with Lanny Cordola and Matt Sorum (when he’s off the road from Cult dates) while working on the CD art for the band Giant, the new House Of Lords, and a new Robert Fleischman solo release.
March 2001 - Kerrang Magazine Spain does full page story and
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Click here to see the details en espanol.
NAMM Convention 2001
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Finally an update: January 2001 ushered in the completion of the film score for the “Fish In A Barrel” movie which just screened at The Sundance Film Festival. I used a fretless bass throughout which really helped to keep an continuity to the score as we were doing everything from Rock-A-Billy, to Tom Waites style ballads to European Carnival music.This time of year always means the ever popular NAMM convention is in town and I was asked to design 4 - 4' by 8’ banners for an audio company. February I was in Phoenix doing 14 bass tracks for Ken Mary who's producing a band called "Porch Light" for the Christian market. Ken's won 4 Dove Awards as a producer in that market which is the same as a Grammy. Also, I just finished doing the bass tracks for Matt Sorums solo project that Lanny Cordola is co-producing . I recently finished up the CD package graphics for Derek Sherinians solo project. He has Zak Wylde, Steve Lukather, Simon Philips and Tony Franklin on his record. It's smokin! I also just completed Jeff Pilsons "War and Peace" CD package and I'm starting Bruce Kulick (from Kiss) solo CD package this week. I'm also working on developing material with grammy award winning producer Greg Ladanyi for a new singer/ songwriter named Robby Vee, son of famed 60's singer Bobby Vee.

On the House Of Lords front: we are reviewing a recording agreement with a European label, writing material and hope to be in the studio again soon.

Carmen Electra
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These past 2 months I've been in the studio working on the House Of Lords recordings while finishing working on a film score called" Fish In A Barrel" . I most recently was working on a music source project doing some hard hitting grooves in the vain of Rage, SX-10 and Limp Biscuit. After a session I went to the 6th Anniversary party of Club Cherry in Hollywood. I was there seeing a live performance of my good friend Cherie Currie doing "Cherry Bomb" of course. Here's a photo from backstage. Yes...that's the beautiful and sweet Carmen Electra next to me.
SX10 at Track Record Studios, North Hollywood (Scheduled for summer release)
sx10studio.jpg (24474 bytes)
From left that's me, Brad X (The Kotton Mouth Kings), Lanny Cordola (producer),
Sen Dog (Cypress Hill and leader of SX-10), and Glen Sobol (drummer for
or SX-10). The CD will be out this summer and is smokin'! Stylistically a long the
lines of Rage Against The Machine. Very Heavy and at times very funky. I'm really
proud of the bass tracks on this one. They were calling me "The Nat" in honor of my
"Flea" type approach to their record. The recordings were engineered by Kevin Smith.
All analog (and to me it sounds way better than digital).