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This page features photos from the bands I've been a part of.
Scrolling down will take you down "memory lane".
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Quiet Riot 2007:


Stephen Pearcy Band:


Blackthorne 1993:

Quiet Riot circa 1987:

House Of Lords circa 1990

Guffria circa 1985
Pictured from left to right: Me, Dave Eisley, Gregg Giuffria, Craig Goldy and Alan Krigger

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This is a shot of the band just before hitting the stage at The Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas opening for Deep Purple. What an awesome tour. All arenas all Sold Out....There was a glitch though. After the opening date on the tour (our first ever performance) Richie Blackmore freaked out because of the amazing audience response and we had to make concessions i.e. shorten our set from 45 minutes to 27 minutes, take out our killer last number, take out Craig Goldy's mind blowing guitar solo, go on 5 minutes before the announced show time and they cut the sound 50%, took away all of our staging, took away the backstage crew meals, put down white gaffer tape where we could only go (do not cross this line etc.) and we weren't allowed to stay at any of their hotels. Hey - but all that didn't matter, we kicked ass every night. Then after 6 weeks we jumped on the sold out Foreigner Tour. They had a huge hit and we had a huge hit at the time with "Call To The Heart". It made it to #15 on Billboards CHR chart. Lou Gramm, lead singer of Foreigner, treated us the way you should be treated. With respect! Then we were off to Japan to headline.

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Pictured from left to right is Pat Torpey, Philip Wolf, Chris Impellitteri, Graham Bonnet and Me.



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